I am looking for steps to do Rooting of my Samsung galaxy Note II so that to optimize RAM-usage I can uninstall the pre-installed apps which I do not intend to use

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yes kelly, i did google but the steps suggested do require developer-like understanding and possible dangers (spoiling the mobile-system settng) of making the set unusable.
There is no app which would do it for normal user.

Question is why do i need it? It is because i am making extensive use of the smartphone for emailing reading social networking etc that require toggling of different apps and/or web-pages and often I do face that my phone does become hungry for the RAM (eventhough I do have 2 GB)and only moving APPs (which are movable)to SD-card memory does not help.

My question is as to why a cell-manufacturer forces a user to use any app even if he/she does not need thta feature/function?

there are some apps for rooting,but they arent compatible with all devices.
you have to check google for that.

most rooting is done via adb(android debug bridge) and using some desktop application / commandline script.

why you need rooting :
1)there is certain space left in the system memory.You can install certain apps as system apps to use that memory
2)getting rid of bloatware
3)under/over clocking and undervolting
4)using swap memory(from sd card)
5)using link2sd app,titanium backup etc(other root apps)
6)lots and lots more....(u have to find it)

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