According to the China Daily newspaper the latest Internet sensation, iPhone girl, will not be fired from her factory job despite some speculation to the contrary.

It all started when a young Asian woman working at a factory making iPhones inadvertently left her picture on one device after it was tested. The purchaser posted the photos to the MacRumors website, and well, the rest is likely to be very short lived Internet history.

There were three photos in all, showing the young girl working on the assembly line, smiling and giving a victory V salute next to an iPhone.

Dressed in a pink striped outfit, wearing a white hat and gloves, and smiling prettily the woman was quickly dubbed 'iPhone Girl' and then the comments started.

Amongst the hundreds of comments to the posting were some suggesting she was only 12 and Steve Jobs will be angry about child labour being used in iPhone production, and others claiming she will be 'so fired' when her identity is revealed.

However, China Daily reports that the Taiwan Foxconn Technology Group factory has now claimed her as a member of staff, without naming names, and confirmed that she is so not fired after all.

Apple, meanwhile, is keeping quiet on this one.