My mecer 255ii3 does not power on when pressing the power button,when i do press it then the lights just go on then off agen.i tried startin it up without the battery in but still nothing.i even charged it for a couple of hours to see if it'l work but no luck at all.

Does any1 maybe know where i can get a diagram to show me how to open the LAPTOP up and what to look for?

Or some suggestions will also be great.


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Have you got any hardware troubleshooting experience?
Did the mercer work while you had it and then 1 day stopped working or did you get it because it does not work?
Are you sure that the battery is still in working order
Let us know


i do have experience in troubleshooting,but i never got any blue screens at all.

Its my buddy's laptop and she asked me to check it out for her.it was working i had it on one day then the next day when i wanted to return it the laptop suddenly never went on.

So what do i check for now?


I put the laptop on agen now,it seems to be going on but the screen does not display anything it stays black like its off.when i press the eject button on the dvd drive then it ejects so the laptop does go on just no picture,i assume its the screen.


i plugged in my monitor and still no picture was available?there is power to the laptop.coz when i press eject for the DVD drive then it ejects.

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