Yesterday I highlighted a few gadgets I thought it was worth getting people for Christmas. Today I thought I'd do the opposite - do not, repeat not, buy any of the following.

Digital photo frame is a definite no-no. I've bought one for my in-laws last year and they said they were delighted - and it's been switched on for all of five minutes. The changing picture distracts them from the TV screen, conversation, anything. My guess is that people will give up on these very soon indeed.

Memory keys. Every time I write about technology as a gift I get pitched loads of USB sticks from various public relations people. Now look, if I wanted an empty box to put things in I'd go and get one, but if I get one for Christmas it's a bit disappointing. And in the digital world that's what a USB stick is - a lump of nothing. Thanks but I'd rather not.

That and netbooks. I'm getting my wife a laptop and everyone suggested getting a Netbook instead - well, no. She's having a proper laptop because I honestly believe the infrastructure to support a netbook - you know, ubiquitous WiFi - has yet to be established, at least in the UK. Yes I know there are dongles for mobile networks but I'm not going to give my wife a present with an ongoing charge. Proper laptop it is, then.

That said, I've also bought my wife a handbag this year (pocketbook in American English, I believe) - and that's almost guaranteed to be wrong. And we've broken my own rule and given my brother in law a digital photo frame - don't tell him, but it was a freebie at a Sony launch.

I'll be blogging again before Christmas but in case you don't log on before then - have a good one!