I posted this in dead computers but now I see this is the right place for the question. Sorry.
Anyway I have a fairly old, okay, really old Sony Vaio laptop and the left-click button started to function intermittently a week or so ago. Then it was fine. This morning it is not working. Any suggestions as to how to fix? I am happy to do it myself, have fixed keys before, but never a left-click button. All suggestions appreciated.

jeez, I meant the RIGHT CLICK button. I need coffee.

Ah they're all the same!

Well chances are it's just a dead button like you said, and if so you will need to open up your laptop.

If you haven't done this before, you need to be really careful and ensure you're grounded, in a dust free environment. You may also want to look around the web for a guide for taking your laptop apart (someone will have done it).

Then you can see what your button looks like - or you could just send it off to Sony if you don't want the hassle!

You would probably need a fairly specific part to replace it with - not sure of the availability without your laptop's model number.

hi everyone first a very happy new year in advance.I read your thread and i am also facing the same problem with my sony laptop .what should i do?any suggestions

hi, im facing a similar problem with my sony vaio.
im a student and have had the laptop for roughly 2 years now and have for the most part whenever at a desk used a USB wireless mouse. While on vacation (having not brought my wireless mouse) i have been using the mouse that is part of the laptop with the touchscreen etc.

My mouse keys had been working fine, touch screen and all, then suddenly the left-click and tap do not work. the right click works fine, and i can move the mouse around, but the mouse does not recognize when it is over something, nor can i click on anything. i have read a few forums attempting to troubleshoot having found an emergency usb mouse but can not find a solution. any help would be greatly appreciated.