Hey everyone, I have customer that I just replaced a DVD-Rom with. When we check the old one, it would freeze up when you would try to play any disc in it, I tried re-installing drivers and all that jazz, nothing worked and the computer just went into a hard freeze everytime you put a cd or dvd in. I installed the new one, played music cd's just fine, read software cds, all though I never tried to load it, everything came up. I called the customer this morning to check on everything he told me all the cds work except this one program which is the whole reason they need this computer. They are playing music off of it but still can not load this one program. The program loads on other computers just fine but does not like this one for some reason. I have not gone back over there to exam yet but was wondering if anyone has run into this same problem before and knew what was going on. Its something isolated to this computer, dvd drive is fine and works with other cds but does not like this one for some reason. ANy ideas?

Did you try replacing the ribbon cable?

I discovered it was a .ocx file that seems to be the problem. The file has something to do with verifying their license to run the program, I told them I could not help with that and they would have to contact the it support from the software company. All their other programs are now loading on the computer, just this one program, and oddly, only on this computer is having problems. They admitted to me they had a friend who is a programmer come mess with it and that is when everything went the hell, I have no idea how to fix that .ocx file. Anyways, CD-Rom and ribbon work fine, something wrong with that program and the license.