My sound on my PC (e-machine,forgive me) is running slow. When my sign in to msn comes up the pleasant ladies voice is lower and slower. The same thing on YOU TUBE Skype and music already loaded. Recently I added 1gb of memory. I don't think that is my problem. I have talked with 5 I T experts and they have know answers. ( Be patient with my typing speed) I'm a blue collar man in a white collar keyboard. can anyone help. I am running on a T6414 E-Machine. The only things I have added is memory and an ATI card that has never worked well. It conflicted with the ATI radeon graphics card that came with the machine. The sound changed about a week after installing the memory. I hope that is enough info.

You may have a virus that is bogging down your computer and causing multiple huge filed programs to run at once in the backround of what you are currently doing. Please hold Control+ALT+DELETE to go to the Task Manager, and reveal ALL processes. Check through them to make sure all of them are those that you have authorized.