I have been using one large monitor for the past several years, a Samsung SyncMaster 213T. Recently I purchased a 20" Viewsonic and made it my secondary monitor. I actually have three monitors - Laptop's native screen, Viewsonic and my Samsung running on my desktop but available as monitor 3 using software www.maxivista.com.

My Samsung is attached to a dual head card on the digital output. My Viewsonic attached the analog port on the laptop.

My Samsung can't show me clean white as the new Viewsonic can. No setting or adjustment will make it even come close. Whites are more like gray.

Side by side, the difference is so bad that I'm almost considering selling the Samsung to buy another Viewsonic. I'm not making a comment about brand, but I live in Thailand where they rip you off for anything electronic so I'll buy what isn't cost prohibitive.

My Samsung used to be on the laptop but because it seemed fuzzy or not quite right, I moved it to the digital card and put the new Viewsonic in front of my face.

Is it showing signs of old age or is something else going on?

FWIW - I'm a computer consultant - have both monitors on their correct settings.


Maybe the inverter or backlight is wearing out.

What is involved in replacing it? This is a 21" pivot monitor. I guess a fair question would how much do you figure it would cost assuming it is a large monitor?

What is the average lifespan of a LCD?

Under 5 years for most people. At least 2 provided its not on 24/7. Nearer 3-4 if you use it a lot.

You can buy new inverters , backlights etc... and do it yourself but i dont reccomend it (tricky and opening a monitor is not a good idea)

LCD monitors are fairly cheap these days anyway.

Thailand is not the USA so replacing the backlight might be easier than finding another 21" pivot. It's my third monitor and looking at webpages with 21" up and down is delightful.

No wasted space.

What is the average price of a backlight for this monitor - if you know.

Also how do I know what to replace - inverter or backlight?

under $100, maybe $50 i think.

You should take it to a professional though, to make sure it is actually the problem, and see which (if any) of the inverter or backlight needs replacing.

Turns out there is a Samsung Repair Facility here in Pattaya Thailand. Dropped my monitor there for an estimate and repair. Using it for all those years I had no idea how bad it had become. Putting it side by side with a new monitor was a shock. Hopefully they won't charge too much to repair it.