My laptop was working fine a few hours ago and I left it to go do something and came back to a blank screen. I thought it was in standby but when I touched a key and the pad nothing happened. The battery says 100% charged. I can hear the fan going.

I shut it down by holding the power button until it cut off. I restarted it and it gave me these beeps like a code. It was one long one and 3 short ones, and then one long and 3 short ones again.

Like this in morse code: _ . . . _ . . .

Not sure what that means or if it is a code for something because it never did this before. The screen is still blank and nothing seems to make it come on.

HELP!!! This laptop is just for school work and I really need it to work!


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If you let me know exactly what model of laptop you have, I can give you more concrete information, but I do know a bit from what you've told us.

Depending on what type of BIOS you have, - . . . beep code refers to bad memory, bad video memory, or video adapter failure. That diagnosis based on the symptoms seems critical, but I would guess that something either got too hot and needed to cool down or some component got worked loose inside the system.

I'd let the laptop sit to cool down for a while and try again. If the same problem happens again, you might need to have the system opened up to check for loose components.

It is a Compaq Presario 1625. It is running on Win98. I'm not sure about the BIOS since I can't turn it on to look. Is there any other way to tell when the screen is black? I just went back in there and tried and it is still giving those beeps and the screen is still blank.


I can't find the find the info about your BIOS on Compaq's website, nor anywhere else for that matter. It would seem that you have a Phoenix BIOS, but your beep codes don't match the Phoenix beep codes at all, so I'm unsure as to what may be the exact issue.

No matter what the issue is, it seems that there is a major problem with your computer. Since it is quite old by now, it may more expensive to have it repaired than it would be to have it replaced.

I'm sorry that I don't have any more ideas. Maybe someone else has some ideas.

I looked in the book and the Bios is:

Phoenix Bios 4.0 Rel 6.0.6

Does that help any? Yes, the computer is old but hasn't been used very much at all. It is used only to type school reports on and is not used for fun, games, online, or any other entertainment. I type things up on it and save it on disc....nothing is even stored or saved into any files on there. I've never even 'installed' anything onto this computer. I have two regular PC's at home for everyday use.

It is like new even though it is older........if that makes any sense?!

Sure hope giving you the bios makes a difference because I really want to get this laptop back up and going.


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