This is a two-parter post; hope it's ok to stick it in one thread...

a) I would like to change my system drive, which is currently only 40 GB, to a larger one (120 GB). So I'm wondering how to clone what I currently have on my system drive to the larger HD so that I can boot up on it -- basically have *everything* transferred over. I understand that there are ghosting programs like Norton Ghost that could do this. I have a copy of Dantz Retrospect HD -- would that suffice?

b) I purchased a new HD for my relatively dated PC which still serves me well. The drive I got is a Maxtor 6L250R0 (well, an OEM version, THD250MM16) which is an Ultra ATA 133 drive. My motherboard (Asus P4C800-e Dlx) could support this on its Promise RAID controller. Could I use the single drive on this RAID controller in striped mode if I partitioned it?


i can only offer a answer to the first ? ,you could use maxblast utility [my copy came with a new drive once .],to copy the content of the old Maxtor to the new drive ,you can find maxblast on the maxtor web site .