It's a desktop pc that may have been virused; not sure. During POST I get two followed by four "beeps". I don't think the system ever "checks" the floppy drive. Everything was seated inside and I tried to boot from a Win2K startup disk (since a regular boot only elicits "inaccessible_boot_device"). All I get is: "Invalid Boot Diskette". I've replaced the HD with another that I know is working with Win98 and it boots right up. NOTHING I DO WITH THE ORIGINAL HD WORKS. I'd throw it out the window, but they don't open. Any clues?????

Re: POST Errors and no HD or floppy found 80 80

so the problem is with the hard drive then? try reseating it? also makesure the jumper config is correct... if not then the drive is causing some error... but normally post errors don't include hdd's etc?

Re: POST Errors and no HD or floppy found 80 80

It could also indicate that the 12 volt supply has failed, that the display controller is not answering the POST, or a keyboard problem (stuck key?).

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