All right, not a battery problem at all, when I turn it on, I recieve "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did now start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this." I am then given options of Safe mode (which displays flooding text and freezes) or to start it normally, which, when pressed, gets me to the Windows XP loading screen, with the quad-colored windows emblem. 10 seconds later, on that emblem, it flashes a Blue screen much too fast to read or hardly recognize, and shoots me back to the beginning, as if I had restarted it. I haven't touched any hardware or software in a long time, any ideas?

seems like a trojan problem. as for the quick blue screen, it's because your pc is set to restart when it crash this can be turned off.

What should I do?

if u cannot reboot in either safe or normal mode u would have to do a clean install or use restore cd. do u have a winXP cd or restore cd that came with your pc.

How inconvenient, I had quite a few files on there. Ah well, I now have a CD to find, haha. Thanks for the advice. ^^ ; ;

if u have the xp cd (bootable) try fixing the boot record ( doubt thats it) but worth a try to at least get u into the system , if even by safe mode.