Hello, I backup my files on the external harddisk before I reformatted my PC. Then I installed the OS. At first, PC can read external HD with drive letter, space usage and free space percentage, can read folders but it says all folders are empty!
I tried to reformat my PC again. This time, external HD doesn't recognize a drive letter, so are the files stored. This is really a bummer.
What could be the reason and solution? Can I still retrieve all my important files stored?Thanks!

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I just tried it in my office PC and it works!
My home PC has HardDisk partitions of C: and E: while DVD-RAM is D:.
My office PC drive is C:. Ext HDD is read as E:.
Does it have something to do with the drive letters?
Any help please? I can't afford to lose my personal and work files.


Alright, I just found out what causes the problem.
I tried connecting it in the USB ports at the back of the CPU and it worked! The two front USB ports don't accept the external harddisk.

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