power comes on. can hear disc drive. acts like when i put disk into it tries to read. light comes on but never nothing on screen. i tried external monitor still nothing. fans come on. but doesnt start. not even bios screen. please help thanks anthony.

Whilst external monitor was plugged did you try the function switch that switches between screens ?

Also have you tried brightness/contrast switches ?


tryng these . but now that i think about it my chiauwawa had been getting on the desk and may have stepped on keys and shut something off. trying to figure out the functions heeheh i never use them. doesnt seem to work also notice if i flip on the wireless the light doesnt come on say may not be runnig.

It is possible keyboard is damaged. Even a drop of water will cause all sorts of problems. at startup.

First remove power cable and battery.

If you look round edge of keyboard you should find a number of clips, probably three or four on each long edge. If you are careful you can get keyboard out. Then disconnect cable for keyboard.

Then put battery and powerlead back and plug in an external keyboard and switch on. See what happens.