I recently purchased some highdensity ram off ebay. i should have looked closer when i bought it but it was fairly cheap. it does work in my computer (msi 6566e or 845e max)
but it only shows up as half its full quantity. (2gb is the full quantity but it only shows up as 1 gb) im wondering if anyone has the ability to write a service or daemon that would allow my computer to load the other 1gb (512mb from each chip) onto a ramdrive that i could possibly put my pagefile on in windows or a simillar functioning program in linux that would still allow me to use the space to improve performace. i know a lot of people have purchased this high density ram so this program would help a lot of people. i would even be willing to pay a bit to acquire such a program. in my case it can be either linux (should be able to run on fedora, debian, pclinuxos or knoppix) or windows (xp at least and if possible vista as well).
just throwing out the idea.

Try a bios flash, if not, then you may need to revert to buying something that is specifically listed in the manual for your mainboard.

Yes, its most likely not the RAMs fault, its the fault of your , motherboard/bios (which im guessing is old). Getting the newest BIOS flash might help. (be careful, understand what you are doing and do not under any circumstances turn off your PC during it)

i already flashed the bios and updated everything. im not looking for a fix for the ram itself i already know thats not possible. only via chipsets support high density ram and i have intel. what i need is an application built that would allow me to use the extra ram as a removeable disk (ramdrive) and put my pagefile on it. as it would significantly speed up the system if i used the ram instead of my harddrive as a pagefile.

please finish reading the article i posted before you sugest a fix. if either of the first two had read first they would have realized that i dont want to make my ram work normally but instead i would like a program designed that would allow me to use that extra ram.

Well if you're looking for programs to access your inaccessible memory, you could always try