OK, Establish the basic info
The PC has never been opened at all, no new hardware just what it came with, maybe what it came with is important so i will add it:

Acer Aspire T690-UD430A Intel Desktop PC
Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium

CompUSA, This is the one we bought.

Now then the problem
Well mainly just running the computer, using firefox, no new programs i scan them before installing, learned to do that after bad experience, and the computer froze, so i waited maybe it was slow( i thought ) wiggled the mouse, and nothing so i manually shut it down
now, it turns on, but no monitor activity as in blank screen, the power led is on, but it wont boot bios, all it does is, use slow motion when reading or slow soundtion, BEEEEEEP.......BEEEEEEP.......BEEEEEEP and so on, any advice?

Re: The Forum Topic says it all...Help with dead machine 80 80

Beep codes differ from one mfg. to another. Search the mfg.'s site for proper defs.

Re: The Forum Topic says it all...Help with dead machine 80 80

hi peaboy, i suppose it is still under warranty why not send it back to the dealer..don't do anything that will void your warranty..but if you want to try something .. try the old ways reseat your memory stick..make sure that there is no keys in your keyboard that stuck..

Re: The Forum Topic says it all...Help with dead machine 80 80

Thanks, thats the first thing that came to mind, i do know about computers, i can overclock, program, and build computers, but its my moms, and im at college, and i have never had a dead machine like this one, i would post any messages but it wont do anything, i will check with warranty though even if i can fix it it would be better going with warranty.

thx for the reply,
appreciate it

Peaboy Out!

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