Ok, I have an Airport extreme that I'm using as my wireless router. So far it has worked great. I have a PC and Mac and the wirelessly share files between the two without problems.

I can't however get the Airport to work with my external HD. I wiped the drive clean of all the proprietary stuff and reformatted it using windows as NTFS. I want to be able to share it over the network so both my Mac and PC can read/write. The problem is when I hook it up to the Airport I get an error. It says the the disk I connected contains errors. Hook the disk up to your computer to fix errors. If I hook it straight into my PC it works just fine. I've checked it for errors and there are none. I have sharing enabled on it. I can't think of any other settings to change. There is nothing I can do through the Airport utility.

Any suggestions would be greatly apprciated.

Thanks so much,

For anyone who reads this...

I was able to fix the problem. I plugged the drive straight into my Mac and reformatted it as a Mac file system. After doing this the Airport extreme read it just fine and I am able to share the drive between the Mac and PC. If this is really the only way. Mac didn't do a very good job of informing people of this when they advertised this router for PC and Mac.