Hi, this is my first post on this board! I have a Compaq Presario M2305NR laptop. I bought it to write papers and research for school. I have had it for about 2 years. The computer works fine unless I turn it off. If I leave it on and just close out all programs and close it, then when I want to use it again it will work fine. Now if I actually turn the system completely off and try to restart it thats where the problem starts. When I turn the power on the power light, wireless light, and speaker light all light up. I hear it whirring and making some noise. The lights next to the "caps lock" and above the "scroll" key blink then turn off. Its like the power is on but just a black screen. If I unplug it about 15-20 times and keep hitting the power button it eventually starts. Today it took about 45 minutes of turning on and off for it to turn on. So I decided to come here for some help. I have tried to unplug it and hold down the power key for 45 seconds but that doesnt help. I have also tried to do a system restore, but just through windows xp not with the disk. I dont even know if I even have the disk I just read that someone else was talking about using a reboot disk, is this different than going to the control panel and using the system restore there? Anyway,thanks for any help.

Try connecting a desktop monitor to the external VGA port, usually on the back of the notebook. See if the notebook boots ok. It might be the notebook is booting ok, just that it is not displaying that it is booting. Could also have flakey ram. Unplug the notebook, remove the battery and reseat your ram ( take your ram out and put back in ).

could you or anyone who knows tell me where to find the RAM to reset it. Do you think this is a problem that I could bring into a computer repair shop to fix, without costing too much?

The ram could be under a small cover on the bottom or under the keyboard or both places. As far as taking it in, most places have a flat rate which is near $200. You might try calling first. If you find a place that is cheap, they may not know what they are doing. Did you try the external monitor yet ?

no, i will try that tonight or tomorrow. So I just plug the monitor into the VGA port, so I just disconnect my desktop monitor from the computer and plug it into my laptop? IF that works and I get something on my desktop monitor what will that mean is wrong with the laptop? Like I said the power lights and the wireless light turn on, just not the screen, it takes 15 to 20 times turning it off and on to work. I checked some other sites and they also mentioned the RAM card and the Video Card, I cant try that till tomorrow( I dont have a phillips head that small). Ill try these tomorrow and post my results, thanks alot for helping me out!