Hello Experts,

This is my first post, hoping my issue gets resolved :)

Mine is a HP pavilion DV2416US notebook, came up with vista home premium installed in it. As I was having problems with vista, I have removed vista and installed Win XP professional. With the help of HP online technicians, I have downloaded all the necessary drivers from "HP.com" and installed them in my computer. From the day 1of the XP installation, Computer is getting heated even for normal CPU operations like (5 % CPU usage). Within an hour or two its temperature reaching a point where we can make an omelet on that. At least once in a day its getting shutdown due to overheat.

During installation itself....My computer shutdown Couple of times. For that I had to cool down for 2 hours, then i was able to install win XP.

Initially I thought its the problem with drivers, so with the help of HP experts I have changed the BIOS settings to factory default settings and updated the drivers again. Still NO USE of this.

1. Fan is working fine, I could see its running all the time.
2. ventilating holes at the bottom are not covered, I tested by keeping the notebook on the flat table.
3. there is no dust that obstruct the holes (as this is 3 month old computer), and even cleaned the holes with small vacuum cleaner
4. there should not be any hardware problem, as it was fine when there is Vista in it.

Sorry to make the post so elaborative, but my idea behind this is to give the details without any ambiguities.

Computer specs:
turion64x2. 1.8ghz (dont think turion gets heated as it is AMD processor, if u speak technically, turion64 is 31w compared to core 2 duo 35w)
120gb hdd,
2gb ram,
nvidia geforce go 6150

Thanks In Advance for your help


if its still under guarantee take it back ,NOW!
I've never seen an OS causing a heat problem before ,most likely hardware ,like bad cpu or motherboard

I have a dv9008nr notebook HP. Call them they sent me a box post paid. They found several things wrong and mine was overheating. I know they replaced the system board and upgraded it

Dear experts,

thanks for your responses.

I have contacted HP in this regard, and they were saying the reason could be incompatibilities between the notebook HardWare and WIN XP. And they suggested me to install windows vista (as the system came up with vista) then check heating problem persists or not.

well going back to vista would lead other problems, it does not support SAP GUI, without which notebook is no more use for me.

I am pretty much sure, there wont be any incompatibilities. you know why, initially I have installed XP in dualboot with vista which was working fine. Due to insufficient space on the hard drive, and as i was not using Vista,..... I simply formatted the disk and installed Win Xp lone.

Hope you got what I mean,

Please help me, if you have any other suggestions

I would call back and tell them you did what they said and it still overheats. They gave me the run around and i just told them what they wanted to hear. I knew something was wrong besides software. They finally sent me a post paid box from fed ex and had it back to me in 5 days. They were very fast at fixing the problem and getting it back to me. good luck..Miles