i had a 512mb pc3200 ram. my uncle replaced his computer and gave me two 512 DDR pc3200. i've installed both of them in but now it only reads 1 gig of ram. i went on crucial.com and it only reads that i have 2 slots filled. and 2 slots empty when its supposed to be 3 slots full and only one empty. help?

you need to install it in matching pairs.

so i need the fourth one to match the stick that i have singled out? also will i be running in dual channel if i have 2 pairs(4 sticks) of ram?

yes so long as the other stick is the same (512mb pc3200 ram)

your machine might have a max thiough. Is it old? Old PCs can sometimes have a max ram limit (e.g 512mb)

ok i understand now. i have another question. wats better 3 gigs of single channel ram or 2 gigs running on dual channel?

Listen to what JB say, dont max out your memory if your Mother Board can't hold it, dual channel is better......

upgrade your bios for i understand that your system prefer single channel memory and it could have been better if you go to the website and check your motherboard support to better understand your motherboard specs so as to know about the memory requirement of your motherboard.

Good day! Hope I have help you


it says i can hold up to 4gb and can support dual channel. so i CAN hold that much but should i go single channel more ram or less ram to dual channel?

less dual channel

over 2gb is not worth it, windows cant use it properley

ok. thanks a lot for the information and help here.

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