The DVD drive won't read DVDs burned by it, it will read other DVDs like the ones from the DVD manufacturer or software DVDs, however if I burn a data DVD or an ISO image, nothing will show on the DVD disk. I had this problem with a Lite-ON DVD drive after it did work correctly at the beginning and after removing Nero and installing other burning software, I had the same problem. So, thinking it was a hardware problem, I bought an LG DVD drive and installed it. It behaves exactly the same. When I burn a Data DVD, it reports after completing: burn process completed successfully. Device manager reports for both drives: this device is working properly, the lights flickers, connections are OK and I see (1) in the registry. The region is OK also. I have Windows XP Home with 1 GB of RAM. I browsed the threads, saw similar problems, although not exactly and I could not see a solution. Thank you for your help.

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Look at the "written" disc. If there's anything on it the reflection will be noticably darker than what you know to be a blank.

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