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750w on my machine because it runs 2 high-end graphics cards and has rather a lot of drives, and is overclocked.

My server has 2x 500w power supplies (dont think it uses botth at the same time) which power dual xenons and at least 8 drives, but then again it has a 1mb graphics card


i know soemone who has a 1kw, but he does have a really powerful overclcoked pc with triple sli graphics cards (he has like 2gb+ of VRAM lol) - its a promo for his PC building business.

1600w seems excessive though.


the wattage isnt important its the current.

e.g a good quality "400w" psu with dual 12v rails can power more in real terms then a cheap "550w" power supply


yeah. cheap PSUs show the peak wattage (the amount they can do without say, catching
fire) whereas good ones display the wattage they can do safely, and with no hiccups. Also, cheaper PSUs usually only have single 12v rails, meaning they cant run high end cards.

Always go for the more expensive, well known brand.


I use my lovely 570W PSU, runs my average gfx card well, along with everything else in my computer :P
I used to only have a small 300W thing, now my computer doesn't struggle!

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