When I run the XP installation CD, the following message appears:
"Disk does not contain a Windows XP-compatible partition"

I'm guessing this message stems from the fact that neither FAT32 nor NTFS partition is present (see below).
"244 MB Disk on disk [MBR] Unpartitioned space 243 MB

76317 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on Si3112r [MBR]
C: Partition 1 [New <Raw>] 76309 MB
Unpartitioned space 8 MB"

When a new partition is created, it is automatically created in Raw--no prompts to select new format.

I would like to combine all the above partitions and create an NTFS partition. How would I achieve that?

Thanks in advance.

In the setup you're going to want to delete all of the partitions so that all that is listed is "unpartitioned space" then you should be able to choose to format in NTFS on the next screen

...I'm guessing there isnt data you want to save or if there is it is already backed up

Hi Scudrunner,

I wish that it was that simple. Unfortunately, my system does not delete either the 244 MB or 76317 MB partition after I press 'D'. Sub-partitions created in these partitions, however, can be deleted without any grief.

Anymore ideas?

In the past I've used Iolo's DriveScrubber tool which will wipe out all data on a hard drive, you can choose to what security level you'd like it done. They offer a free 30-day trial if you're only going to use it once.


Scudrunner, I'm sorry if I have confused you. On my desktop PC, it currently has no OS and I can't install XP because of hard drive formatting problem, so running any application is out of my reach at the moment. If only I could format my desktop hard drive from my labtop PC...

Nonetheless, thank you for the suggestions. I will keep looking for a solution.

when you get to the screen that show the raw partition, are you able to create a partition. ( Press C to create)if you can create one then you can move on to format it ( this should be with four choices 2 quick and 2 standard USE the standard NTFS option # 3 (most likely thats what would be highlighted)

IF you have an external enclosure for a Hard drive you can format with you laptop

Thank you to everyone who helped. After the entire drive was reformatted, the 244MB space vanished from the hard drive; only to reappear after XP was reinstalled.

i would have use the hard drive makers disk utility ,downloaded and put on a bootable cd

i would have use the hard drive makers disk utility ,downloaded and put on a bootable cd

To do what? Low level format, partition, format, test?

To do what? Low level format, partition, format, test?

to make the drive usable ,it would do all of the above you mention depending on what you wanted to do .program like maxblast for maxtor drives

Wiping the drive with DBAN serves the same purpose as a low level format (0 fill) and works on all drives independent of manufacturer.

XP itself will partition and format.

It won't hurt to try the manufacturer's utilities/installation software as long as a drive overlay is not installed. That may cause problems in the future. I would't expect to see any difference.

I don't understand why a 244MB partition is being created. XP won't even install in 244MB.

Is a restore disk rather than an XP CD being used?

All the major hard disk manufacurers' utilities are on the UBCD.