Hi I saw "how to reverse a CRT picture tube"

Does anyone know how to the same thing with a external LCD? Is there a pinout change you can make to do the same? Has anyone ever seen software that can do the same thing?

I need to do this because my desktop image needs to be viewed in a mirror.

I have seen many video drivers that can do 90/180/270 degree turns but that is not the same as reversing.

I have been googling the web, but the only thing I come up with is applications, not the whole desktop. I checked ATI's forums, but they never got back to me.

I have a ibm t43 with radeon x300.

You can email me direct at dean DOT bushmiller AT gmail DOT com

Thanks in advance.


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You should be able to using the ATI catalyst software. That does rotation etc... for sure

The Catalyst software ONLY rotates, it doesn't reverse.

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