I was given a 'working' Gateway 600ygr but without a hard drive. Well after finding one I started to load winxp. However when it gets to the screen to actually start installing or just repair an installation, I discovered the Keyboard does not work. Nothing, completely dead.

This is really strange because I went into the setup and it worked there. Booted up on a dos boot disk the check the drive and it worked!

So then I discovered that it I turn on the error logging, then sure enough it stops on the boot up and tells me to check the error log, which says something like not functional or missing keyboard... But I just used it in the set up !!!

I took the keyboard completely out and re-seated the connector, some thing.

Any sugguestions (besides trashing it) ???

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On a desktop 'puta there's an option to enable a USB keyboard, which when disabled gives similar symptoms to what you describe.

I don't know much about laptops, but looking for a keyboard option in the BIOS is one thing to try...

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