I have a new system: Biostar MB FT 7050
OCZ platinum revised 2 gigs
Ultra 600 watt PS
seagate 250 gig harddrive

My problem, My system will not boot up properly after it has been off for a while(15 + Min). It boots to the BIOS and allows me to enter BIOS just fine, but if I press F1 to load OS(windows XP pro SP2) it will not show the Post screen and freezes on a black screen with cursor. To remedy all I have to do is turn the PS switch to off or unplug and wait a minute and then it will boot fine and everything runs great. Do I have a problem with PS or MB? I have read some other posts and it sounds like a uncommon problem. Please also note that if the system is restarted after it is shut down, or right after it is turned off it will start just fine, no boot problems. Thanks guys

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recheck the connections of the pc. make sure the mobo and other psu connections are connected properly. it may be a problematic power supply.

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