Hello All,
I'm a new Mac convert- recently got the new Intel core duo desktop - trying to connect wirelessly to the internet. I have a MR814v2 Netgear router- I CAN connect only when the WEP is disabled, but as soon as I turn on WEP (128bit), the Mac cannot connect to the network. My XP laptop connects without any problems.
Can anyone suggest any troubleshooting options?

an anyone suggest any troubleshooting options?

Try using the Hex password, rather than the ASCII password to get on WEP.

Hello Yellow
Thanks for the suggestion- I was using the hex key- there seem to be 3 options in the dropdown menu when trying to connect to the network, one was just a plain ol' WEP password, the second one was the 128bit that I was supposed to use. I don't recall the third option off the top of my head. Anyway, I did manage to get connected once I figured it out :-)