I am going to be upgrading my motherboard soon. I have XP Home edition on my system. The original XP software I have is the upgrade version from Win98. This was installed about 2 years ago. I was told I'm going to have to rebuild my C drive after replacing the MOBO. I also have an OEM WinXP Pro full version I use on my laptop. My question is, after the upgrade can I do a repair from either of those instead of completely reloading XP? If so, which one and how would you suggest I procede?

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You'll hopefully get additional advice from others, but I recall the following from my experience:
From W98 you can upgrade to XP Home or XP Pro but you have to install W98 first . You can try a direct install of XP in the hope that it'll ask for your W98 disk to be put into the drive for checking; I'm not sure that'll work but it's worth a try. I did it the long way round.

If you take the direct route, set the HDD up as NTFS as there is no practical volume size limit for the C: drive. However if you have to go back to W98, you'll have to format a partition of 32GB or less for this purpose and consider to ocnvert up to NTFS later with the CMD: "convert C: /FS:NTFS"

On the question of mixing XP Pro and XP Home for repair, no. They don't mix.


Thanks for the input. What you suggest sounds like more of a pain than doing a fresh install of XP Pro and rebuild my C drive. I know I'll have to reload all my programs but unless someone else has any suggestions on how to avoid a fresh install I'd like to hear it. I have not purchased my new MOBO yet so I can wait to see if any one else has any suggestions. Thanks again.


i have had success with not even have to do a repair install of xp when changing a motherboard but only a couple of time ,same or similar motherboard chipset each time.
My suggestion to you would be to borrow a winxp home cd from a friend or co-worker! and try the repair install if you have too.


You are absolutely right. if you can avoid the pain, do. Two things to beware of in doing the XP Pro OEM from your laptop:
Make sure you are online during the install so that appropriate drivers can be downloaded; OEM versions of Windows vary in their driver content.

There is the potential worry of the Windows Activation Code.

Because of these issues, I focused on the W98 --> XP route.


Thanks for the replies. I think your right Suspishio. XP Pro may end up giving me problems. Luckily I still have my old Win98 CD. I'll probably go with the Win98 ---> XP Home upgrade since I have both CD's. As far as Caperjacks suggestion, a repair probably wouldn't work for me. After reading a bunch of different threads here and from what you say my chipset would have to be the same or very close. My current MOBO is pretty old for todays standards. Asus A7V333 with VIAKT333 chipset. Any new MOBO is going to have a way more advanced chipset.

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