I have a Dell 1704FPT and a Radeon 9200SE Video card. The Monitor runs fine on analog @ 1280X1024 but as soon as I plug it in with a DVI cable it posts up green and boots up very scrambled and almost a light purple. I have changed and updated drivers for both the monitor and the video card as well as changing the OSD to Digital, even went so far as to get a new cable and nothing seems to work. This setup worked fine with the DVI cable for almost 2 years until just before I changed my mobo. I'm on training wheels when it comes to this stuff, is it the card, the monitor or what..any help would be greatly appreciated.

My computer does the same thing as yours when i try to bring up anything related to my DVI cable and my internet. Everytime you start to use it right click on your mouse and click properties. Then click settings and look at the bottom see if the color quality has dropped down below 16 or 32 bit. If it has set it at the highest bit. I hope this helps you. Its the only solution I have found for my computer.

Thanks for your input. Next time I feel ambitious, I'll switch back to the DVI cable and give it a go.