I left my toshiba satellite a135-s487 on last night and this mourning it wont do anything. i manually shut it down and now when i try to turn it on the on light comes on in and is blue. nothing works but the cd drive wich will open and close and seems to try to read the cd but nothing happens. i even tried to us e the recovery disk but still it didnt do anything. any elp would be much appreciated.

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Are you saying it won't boot from a CD?
Can you get into the BIOS? (Setup)
Are there any error messages?

Is there a way to check it on an ext monitor?


no i cant plug it into my desktop monitor and it dosent show anything and the keyboard wont do anything

yeah i got a monitor to connect but it dosent show anything but a black screen.

your laptop went into hibernation and cannot wake up. try starting in safe mode and go to control panel, power management and turn off hibernation. then restore you pc to yesterday.

i cant do anything. nothing responds i turn it on and nothing happens. the screen never does anything and the keyboard does nothing either. the only thing it does is let me open the disk drive

No display on the screen. try cycling the external and internal monitory button, i am not sure what combination it is for you laptop but there is a key with a picture of a monitor on it. I believe it;s with the FN key try that and see if anything shows on the screen

yeah i tried its f5 onmine but still nothing happens.

i am thinking it could be from a virus because i had a popup telling me i had an unknown trojan virus and i needed to download trojan blaster to remover it.

the next thing i can suggest is removing the battery and and the cmos battery leave out for a few hours then try booting up again.

but you will not be able to clean the virus until you can see the screen so we have to get that fix first. if you have an external monitor and try the FN F5 to switch to the external. I suggest you do it a few times

how do i remove the cmos battery

i did it about ten or fifteen times

I am having the exact same problem with my computer. A135-S4467. Was working just moments ago, closed it up to move to my home office, now it won't power up at all. The blue power button glows for maybe half a second, then dark again, then nothing.

when i push the fn key a light with a box with four arrows on it lights up. when i push the button that looks lik the light the light turns off. and wont turn back on on till i turn the computer off and on again.

hey guys if you have found a way to fix the above pliz help coz my equium has the same problem i left it on hibernation and now it wont start at all only the fn key seem to be workin

hey people
Phildo Ill recommend that you slave your HD and do a disk check on your disk.as swell as a virus scan

i am thinking it could be from a virus because i had a popup telling me i had an unknown trojan virus and i needed to download trojan blaster to remover it.

If your laptop is not starting how can u use a Trojan remover? And also, virus & trojan doesn't block your machine like this, the viruses needs your machine working and connected.

Try this 2 steps: If you have how to test memory and hard drive in another compatible system...
2. If hard disk, memory and CD Drive is working the crash is your MOBO _Mother Board.. so if you don't know or don't have the resources to do this look for someone that can test and diagnose your problem. A new Mobo normally is very expensive... so think about a new one laptop.

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