I just bought a Gigabyte GA-73VM-S2 motherboard along with a Pentium E2200 processor. I checked the website and the E2200 is not on the CPU support list. The last CPU supported in this line of CPU's is the E2180. Is there any chance I can get the E2200 to work?

I can only find info. about rev. 1.0 boards (bottom of this linked page):

The GA-73VM-S2 (rev. 1.0) supports the E2220 with an F2 BIOS, see here:

The only difference I can see between this and an E2200 is a 12x multiplier Vs an 11x multiplier. Both have MO stepping, 800MHz bus and 1MB cache. I'd say there's every chance it will work.

I'm no expert, so there may be something else I haven't thought of.
You could send Gigabyte a question...

Gigabyte's response was that if the cpu is not on the support list, well then its not supported. But the E2220 also has the same voltage requirements as the E2200. Looks like it might just work. Thanks!

true. the GA-73VM-S2 is also a little older mobo and just may not have updated the E2200 to the supported list.

from what i have found, it should theoretically work. just be careful.

dont do it

my motherboard was for pentium d but supported core2 with a bios update but to apply it i had to first borrow a pentium d from a friend