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yeah, its called a cluster but its not any good as a home PC. Its only good for intense numbercrunching or server tasks.

Why on earth would you want to do that anyway?


A friend of mine did video for a few businesses and he always built one this way. This was back in 2000 though when 500mhz was tops and he coulfd get a gig of power he said for his video's. I mainly mess with video's and thought i might try it . but like you said maybe it is not worth it. I do not want to jump into something that is past history. Dual core computers are ok but not as fast as you would think. IMO. Thanks for the imput. Hopefully i will get some more. again thanks for the info...Miles


its common for servers to have 2 or 4 cpus, each with potentially many cores. Normal versions of windows do not support more than 2 cpus but they can support many cores.

back in 2000 though when 500mhz was tops

wrong. my laptop from 2000 is 1ghz and it cost well under $3000

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