Hi I just got 2 x 2GB of RAM for X-mas. I installed this on top of my other 2 GB RAM card of the same make and model. When i check system properties, it only shows i have 3 GB of RAM. how the hell did it get that number when I have 3 x 2GB sticks in ? also, when i run cpu-z, it shows that i have 6gb, and it reads each card in the 3 slots.

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lol well that sucks. what would you recommend so that i can utilize all of my RAM ? would i have to upgrade to vista or something ?


Its a bug with all 32-bit editions of windows.

you mighty be able to use a bit more of it by putting /3gb and /pae into your boot.ini file. Google it and make sure you know what you are doing or you might trash your o/s.

You only get the maximum benefit from lots of memory if you run a 64 bit version of windows (and have a 64 bit cpu, of course) but 64 bit windiws has lots of bugs and little driver support.


all windows xp versions support /pae and /3gb

but your apps wont use the extra space allowed by /3gb unless they are compiled for it (not many things are e.g exchange, sql server) and PAE wont work unless you have a recent Intel CPU and compatible chipset. /Userva= has the same effects sort of (google it).

Even if you got a 64 bit OS and compatible CPU and drivers, your 32 bit games etc... still wont take advantage of it, i dont think.

Its just the way things are. live with it. Over 3gb is a waste unless you are running a server.


Hey Jbnet thanks for all the info ... but now what i want to know is that will Win Vista make use of the extra ram .


No. Not unless you use the 64 bit version. Just stick with XP.

XP wil run amazingly on what you have atm. No need for more.

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