My motherboard turns on, the light is on, however, when I turn the computer on it doesn't beep. I'm not sure what that means. The screen wont turn on, but the video card is running, and everything inside the case is running, and everything external of the computer case plugged into the motherboard seems like it just doesn't do anything. For example, the keyboard doesnt light up, and neither does the mouse when the computer is turned on. Also, its odd, the monitor does go into powersave mode when I plug it into the video card, but nothing at all happens when I turn on the computer. So, everything seems to be running fine, but nothing seems to be working at the same time. If you need anymore details, or have any more questions, I will be more than happy to answer. Thank you for your time


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This is not a new build, it has been working for 2 years, absolutely nothing was changed.


Try to start it up without the graphics card and see if it brings any change. I doubt it is the mobo if its not the battery or the graphics card or the battery as its been mentioned.
Have a check and let us know how u get through.


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