i use to play gta n cric 2005 n my pc widout ne problem. some time back ma comp gt crashe dn i had to reinstall ma operating system... now when i am tryin to play the same game.. it says not enough video memory... what to do???

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My first thought would be that you don't have the latest driver for your video card. This should be on a CD that came with your computer, motherboard or graphics card. If not, download it from the manufacturer.

If you don't know what your graphics card is: If you have DirectX installed. Go to start then run and type "dxdiag". That will show you information about your computer as well as your video card type. Click on the 'display' tab to find out about your card.

The firs step i would take would be to download a really good spell check software because i couldn't understand half of your question.

That said. make sure that all of your drivers are downloaded for your video card and your Mobo. Worse case senario.... re-install windows again and start over.

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