I've installed a Liteon LTR-52327S CD-RW drive (jumpered as Master) in a CoolMax Enclosure (CD-509-Combo, USB2+IEEE 1394). Panther system profiler recognizes the enclosure as either a USB or Firewire device, but fails to recognize the drive. It never appears on Desktop or in any app (e.g.,iPhoto). This model drive is listed in the system DeviceSupport.drprofile. The drive/enclosure works fine as USB device on Windows 98SE machine, so hardware is OK. Patchburn II does not recognize the external drive (only the internal DVD-RAM).

It's a supported drive, all the hardware works on a Windows machine, the MAC recognizes the enclosure. So why not the drive????

Suggestions greatly appreciated!


My guess is that the drive is not properly recognized by the OS. the website www.liteon.com says that the drive is IDE, and that should show up properly in the sytem profiler, but not as a USB or Firewire device.

I do not think that the drive is going to work, but I would encourage you to try it out. The website listed above has a place to email tech support questions -- give them a shout. Offer to test it... they may give you some cutting edge code, or perhaps point you in the direction of a third party solution (sourceforge or perhaps Roxio Toast people).

Good Luck,


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