I just bought a Jetway n2view, mainly because it supports up to 3ga of ram and has nvidia chipsets. Previously I purchased a mobo from geeks.com and it did the same thing so I sent it back and it was found defective. So I buy a new board. Here is what it is doing

I power it on, lights light up, fans spin for 2 seconds then shut off. I remove ram, harddrive's ide cable, unscrew motherboard and put it on a cardboard box, same thing.

I remove processor, Athlon XP 2400, and it powers up and runs just fine until I turn it off.

Bad mobo? or bad processor? Power supply is brand new, came with my NZXT Nemesis Elite case.

Let me know what you think. Although I had one guy tell me Jetway is garbage :(

I have also read that people are forgetting to hook up the 2x2 power connector, and mine only has the one. I have not hooked up the H.D.D LED because I don't see a spot on my mobo for that. But then again it runs fine w/o the the processor so I don't think that is the problem.

Have you tried to power up the machine by removing one component at a time?
Time consuming, it is but you would have far more chances to pin point the actual problem that way. It could be another bad Mobo for u or could be the PSU as well, U can never tell like that unless u round up all the corners to see what s left?

Hope this ll help u.


Today I'm going to try just leaving the power button connector on, CPU, and the system fan in and try to boot it up. Because it starts fine when I take out the CPU and will run till I turn it off. Local shop wants $60 to test and install it, and if it's bad then it's still $60, F that!

Try that and see if you can rule out all the working components and get to the one or two faulty ones. Once u get there try them on a different machine and see ahich one functions.

I agree with coolRaj, works for me.