Hi Guys,

Am trying to rescue a Celeron 500 for a freind, hardly worth it i know but its getting the better of me.

The problem is it turns on, well at least the fan comes on but that is it.
I have repalced everything except the ram and processor, even tried another MO but nothing.. the POST will just not acticvate..
any ideas whatsoever are much apreciated~~~~~


Have you tried to insert your memory stick in different dimm slot? Try to clean its contacts with a pencil eraser. How about your power supply unit?

Boot it with power switch cable disconnected from the motherboard (momentarily short its pin terminals).

Try to reset the cmos through the cmos jumper or by pulling the cmos battery out for 1 hr or more and put it back in place. See what will happen.

hi thomo,

when you turn on does the keyboard led's flash? or it could be your PSU try using another PSU. any beeping sound?

Hi Guys many thanks for your input, silly ole me it s actually a pentium 3 1000ghz so the other MO I tried would have been no good anyway.

Have used another PU from a working machine, and it fires up the fans just no lights a flashing or a beeps a beeping!...

Have tried different ram in all slots and reset Bios and tried another Battery but not removed for an hour more like 15 mins.

How do you mean monenterily short the pin terminals on the power connection to the motherboard?... sorry blonde here!

In the mean time will try and get the correct MO doh!
Thanks again guys

Instead of using the front chassis power switch button, use these two pin terminals from the motherboard to power up your system (just short them by using a tip of small insulated screwdriver and release at once). In this procedure you can easily determine if the power switch button in the front chassis is sticky or defective.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... so thats what pressing the button does, of course.. so logical.. many thanx!!!

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