I jus bought all the components for my new PC im building for gaming and i got everything running but when i turn it on im not getting a signal from my monitor and ive tried three different video cards and i have ran out of ideas any help????

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I have tried another monitor and still no signal. If im nt getting post would that mean its the motherboard??


Something to check is whether you've got the correct power plug in your graphics card. Some take a 4 pin plug which (thanks to some genius) looks the same as a 4 pin motherboard plug. Probably not your issue, just something I thought of.


u cant install the drivers if you cant see the screen

There is that. So much for better living through chemistry.


You're sure your RAM is compatable?

Perhaps try it with just 1 stick of RAM.

Umm.... the 'on' switch on the monitor ;)


I should have asked before: what graphics card and what PSU (ie does it have enough amps?)

If it were me, I'd take out the RAM and graphics cards, give them a quick brush with my shirt and reseat them (used to work with games on my SNES, oh serial interfaces, the memories) *ahem* anyway.

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