The girlfriend was using my laptop and Windows began generally misbehaving. She became frustrated and decided to just close the laptop and wait until I got home to solve whatever problems may exist.

Opened the laptop and found a black screen... power light lit, but no other apparent activity. Assumed it was in sleep... attempted movement on touchpad, keypresses... no response. Pressed and held power button, power light goes off. Press power button again... power light comes on, but no other apparent activity. No apparent attempt to access the hard disk, just the light turns on.

Unplugged it... disconnected the battery. Waited. Did some chores. Put battery back in, attempted power button... same result... power light comes on, no other apparent activity. Removed battery again. Passed some more time.... plugged in computer (with battery still not in), tried power button. Same result (power light on, no other apparent activity).

What should be next in my trouble shooting?

Thanks in advance.

I am having same problem with an Inspiron B130. Have you solved problem. I suspect bad battery at this point.

The first thing I would advise is to remove everything, memory, wireless card, optical drive, hard drive and and other things attached to the computer and try a restart. At this point you will hopefully get the Dell splash screen and can enter BIOS. if not it isn't too good and will likely be a motherboard.