Hi Guys,

We have just moved house and when I put our computers back together mine did not work.
The wifes PC is just fine however mine is a different story when I initialy hooked everything up and turned it on the monitor showed CHECK SIGNAL CABLE. So I ran through the basics and rechecked all the connections and all were fine. Next I tried my wifes monitor and same thing, next was a Grapics card swap (i tried 3 seperate cards) still nothing, I even tried my old Celeron chip but still no go. I have pulled the whole PC apart cleaned and dusted everything and reassembled and again nothing. I have noticed (stupid me should have seen this right at the start) that it is physicly not booting up, all fans are running mother board lights are only getting to stage 1 hard drives are lighting and it gets to first beep then no further. I also have no keyboard and mouse activity. My Hardware is MSI694tpro mother board, 1.2gig Celeron chip 1.2gig DDE ram. Previous to the move no issues the PC never left our hands so I know it wasn't dropped or anything like that. My next step (unless you guys have any ideas) is to go out and buy a whole new setup because I don't know what has failed.

Cheers from OZ

Try a basic boot. Disconnect all drives (signal and powe cables), remove PCI cards, disconnect all external devices except keyboard and monitor. Use one stick of memory at a time.

Have you replaced CMOS battery? That system is several years old and battery may be weak.