I am pretty computer savvy and I would like to try to retrieve data from a HDD. The MB of the old system was hit by lightning.

My thoughts on the recovery process are as follows:

If the HDD in question is an IDE drive, I could connect it to an existing MB to see if the OS will be detected. If it is, retrieve what data I have and I will be all set.


  1. What are my options if the BIOS does not see the HDD?
  2. If the drive is SATA and all I have are IDE connections, is there a work around this?

Thanks for your input.


to retrieve data off a hard drive I would install it as a slave drive then copy the data that I needed. when you connect a drive with an OS already on it from one motherboard to another sometimes problems will arise because of the difference in the IDE Disk controller from one motherboard to another. Windows will only boot successfully using the same IDE controller of the same manufacturer.

if it is a SATA and all you have are IDE connections, there are SATA to IDE adapters on the market and they are not very expensive

if BIOS does not see the hard drive make sure it is connected properly, for IDE make sure the red stripe points to pin 1 on the drive, you can also set the BIOS to auto detect hard drives.