I bought a ASUS X51RL series laptop and want to upgrade the memory to 2GB
(Usually was 1GB). I bought a 1GB memory which is Transcend DDR2 SODIMM PC2
5400 667Mhz and I tried to install the memory and restart the computer but it still
shows 1GB memory on the system. I tried different slot and found that the memory I
bought works on either one of the slot. I can only place 1 memory stick in two slots. If I
place two memory in the computer it will still show 1GB. Could you explain how to
install two memory in the laptop and make it works. I checked the ASUS X51RL series
can support up to 2GB memory. I tried to update BIOS to version 204 but still not
working. I tested with CPU-Z, enverything fine, program recognized it and all parameters are the same that in original memory module. But BIOS and Vista shows only 1GB RAM... Your help are much appreciated. Many Thanks

I think you might have bought a different ram to the one you already have in your laptop mate. That could be the only possible cause for your problem.

Although i checked on the net about your laptops memory specs but they seem to match the one you bought. Are you sure that you got the right type of memory which is exactly the same as your old stick?