I am in search of a good reliable USB add on card. This is extremely important to us because we are using these regular USB add on cards and they are not cutting the mustard. We are a company called eTran, we build multifunction ATM Kiosk Business Transaction Centers. We have a Check Scanner, ID Scanner, Motorized card reader, Finger Print Reader, Palm Vein patter analyzer, vga camera, keyboard/pointing device, card dispenser. These are all peripherals using a USB Connection to the computer.

Right now I am using a card made by Ultra, model 31500 6-port USB 2.0 Card. The card seems to be faulty. It will not copy large files, and sometimes will not copy any files. Wont read some flash drives...

Our core software for the Kiosks' application is about 98% finished, we have 50 units ready to deploy and another 500 in order. I have to remedy this problem as soon as possible. If anyone has any kind of input on a better USB hub device or a different add on card please let me know.. it would be most appreciated.

Also if you are located in the Florida Panhandle area or are willing to relocate, we are looking for a coder who has an overall knowledge of C, C++, C#, Java, VB, .NET.

Thank you for all your input on this situation.