Hi everyone, I have a problem that I would like to share with you. I recently bought a hard disk and had formatted it on my friends system. The installation had no problems and I copied some software in that. But later I found that I could not read some of the files and without my knowing my friend formatted the disk. Now I have lost some important data and need to get back that in any case. Please do suggest some good tools which can help me get them back without much hassle.

Thanks in advance!!!

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You could try PC-Inspectors File Recovery which is freeware. I have had some success with it after formatting and even zero filled a disk.

Another freeware gem is TestDisk, which doesn't show any folder trees, but can find files by extension. Some years ago I managed to find lost photos from a formatted and reinstalled XP. The actual folder was wiped off but most of the jpeg's were still there - including some xxx pictures from temporary internet files ;) Unluckily TestDisk can't find file names, it just gives them a number. At least it did when I last used it.

Good luck!


When my hard disk gets corrupt due to power failure, i use recovery tool to recover data..To get back your lost data, try Kernel for windows, recover your lost data and save them at the selected location of your hard drive..

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