I have a g3 700 imac that hasn't been used in about a year since it died and was replaced by the intel based imac. The g3 imac will not even power up. The CRT was showing signs of degradation before the g3 quit. I wonder if it is a power supply failure or perhaps a shorted flyback transformer. Since there is no power evident, I suspect the power supply. I wouldn't mind attempting a repair if parts are available so I could use the g3 700 imac on a wireless network at home. Any advice or opinion on the problem and/or repair would be appreciated.

I have G3 Imac and a very reliable piece., But most of the time when it really breakdown is due mostly to the power supply, my unit which is a G3 which broke down due to power supply problems., Made some major innovations I took away the chassis house it in plexiglass and made an interconnect board to power supply of the Mac interconnected it to a Pentium 4 power supply, and connect it to a standard monitor you can find connectors for it in the net and if you intend to work on your in you can do it just search in the net ther is a site which i found which also teaches you how to do it with pictorials.,

I hope to be of help