I have a brand new Microsoft IntelliMouse - Wireless Optical Mouse 2A. I keep getting a message on the screen saying the battery is critically low - replace as soon as possible. I have replaced the batteries with new ones and if I look at the IntelliMouse Program the battery level reports as 'full'. Any ideas??

I have 3 systems with different MS products. They all have the same error. When your battery actually starts dying you will notice it will start to jump across the screen instead of flowing seamlessly.

Any interference in the area of the mouse can trip that alert. It is basically saying that something interfered with the signal, and by default assumes it is battery related.

I keep clearing the error, and my battery keeps on going long after the alerts.

Hope that helps,

I agree with wsherman. See if the location of the receiver affects it.

The mouse and receiver are only 12" or so apart. The problem is the message which keeps coming up on the screen - like I say when I check the battery level using the IntelliMouse software it reports full battery, which is what I would expect having just put in a new set of batteries!

I am not sure that you will find the answer. I can tell you that I have the same exact setup as you, and have the same problem. I have not changed my battery yet, though I get the message at least every couple of days.

Download the latest edition of CCleaner, go to tool and uninstall the Intellipoint for your pointer device....worked for me, just in time before I pulled out all my hair!