Hey guyz,

im a huge fan of amd ,and i hate intel, but heres why intel has this stupid feature that keeps on clocking down ur cpu ,i extremly hate this !! and i dont like their LGA775 socket coz many times i damage thoes extremly sensitive clips on the socket , and amd fits on the socket firmly and i feel its more fit in their then intel, and amd does not clock down and u always get the full throttle of performance from it -that why i always stick with AMD , but heres the problem i have an amd 6400 @3.4Ghz and i want something faster and more power full and AMD does not have that , i dont like quads coz im all abt gaming and i dont use my pc for multitasking and anywayz their phenom's are clocked so slow, and i dont wana bother to OC it , so what do u guyz think i should do i know that intels new 45nm procecors are faster and cooler- but there stupid clock down is incredibly irritating, i dont need it to clock down coz first i need the speed and second im gona keep and after market cpu cooler so i dont need it to clock down to stay cool. thanks

how are u suposed to use intel cpu's for gaming when they are built to save power and have ''office'' written all over it

lately intel and amd stopped going for faster processing they have been increasing cache

if you want a gaming computer go with one that has a good amount of l2 cache 2mb is a good amount on xp

and the quad processor isnt exactly slow that is for sure. if you actually read about the intel core 2 quad it actually has the ability to do 4 processes in one clock cycle which is faster opposed to a processor running at 3 ghz or so running one process in one clock cycle

(NO this does not mean that there are actually four processors, but it does mean you have more processes per clock cycle)

ok you want more power?

get the AMD Phenom quad-core CPU. make shure its revision B3 models or you'll get hangs during gameplay.

fastest Phenom at 2.5GHz (PER CORE!)

costs are a little rough ($1000)

i made myself look like a fool i didnt understand the power behind dual core and quad core now i shall explain in even greater detail why the best cpus are quad core and this is definitely something to live by

dual core is 2 cpu's into one chip which basically means two sets of pipelines that share cache and ram quad core is the same thing except more pipelines and more cpus built into a single cpu chip so more is better

it doesnt mean that it runs at 2.5 ghz times 4 but it just means that there is more processor threads running thru the cpu.... so lets say your running 4 intense programs that use alot of cpu power each program uses a different core so it can run at max power which is amazingly awesome....

hope i explained that correctly

*EDIT* a new generation of cpu's should be hitting the market soon i would think atleast making the cpu's currently out obselete*EDIT*