I had installed a new video card on my pc. Palit 8800gt sonic 512mb PCIE.
The only problem is, I cant enjoy playing games with it cause my pc shuts down after 20-30 mins playing games. I tired it on these games: Halo 2 for Vista, Rise of Legends, Titan Quest Immortal Throne. I dont get a blue screen or anything when it shuts down, it just shuts down without any warning.

My specs are:
OS: Vista x64
CPU:athlon x2 5200+
RAM: 2gb PC 800 DDR2
VCARD: 8800gt sonic 512 mb PCIE
HDD: 160 GB sata

Everytime it shuts down I check the cpu temp in bios, and it is below 50C (43-48C), I have installed the drivers for Vista x64 for Vcard, the PSU is already @ 600w so perhaps this cant be the component causing this problem. I was gonna try uninstallng vista and use xp but I dont have the resources to waste on an older version OS and perhaps I would experience the same problem.

Can anybody tell me whats wrong with my system?

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It could be the PSU, You should have about 100W of cushion on it, but if it's failing it might shut down your system when under heavy load, since that video card uses a lot of power.

The other possible culprit is your video card driver. Try installing a different version of the driver, and if that doesn't fix the problem look into the PSU.

It could also be a bad Video card but I'd think that's the least likely, so you should probably check out the other two first.

That makes sense..

However I hope it is just some driver issues, as all of my hardware except for the monitor is just a few weeks old (the vcard being 4 days old).

I bought the 600w since I saw in the tech forum that 8800gt consumes 240 W when it is heavy loaded. For my 600w psu I should be getting an actual 530-550 W, so i considered it to be enough for the system I will be assembling.

I also checked the net and I got this article from AnandTech AnadTech that Vistax64 has some compatibility issues and should not be considered as an ideal OS, I should probably download the SP1 for vista too.

Thanks alot for the suggestion, I could have thought of that myself but I was too frustrated to think clearly. Ill procure new drivers and see if it helps.

Again many thanks OLY.

If it's new hardware you should almost hope it's a hardware problem. If there's some kind of incompatability with the OS you'll have to wait for a fix. If it's the hardware you can still exchange it and get a working model (or upgraded PSU) for little or no cost.

Hey I got it fixed!

Its that damned OS Vista x 64, I swapped my 64 bit OS for my cousin's 32 bit (both not OEM Thank God), and I can play these games for as long as I want.

I downloaded the SP1 for the x64 and it still hangs in the middle of a game, I guess this OS is crappy and not worth my money.

Not for gaming, vista x64 has issues with gaming. But if everything works fine in 32-bit I'd say it was a driver problem.

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