Hi, I have done some testing and here is what is going on:

My right shift key... when I press and hold it, it "turns on" but then "turns off" right away. In the sense that a key is on when it is being held down, so that I may want to type in capitals.

It always registers on the first push, but doesn't hold the shift function always when the key is held down.

However if I press another key to get its "shifted character", it doesn't work the first time, but does the second time... like this:

->press shift and hold: hit d-key, gives "d"(but this switches the shift key on, wtill holding it down), hit d-key again, gives "D".

Also if I just hit and hold shift, it goes on and goes off instantly as usual, but if I hold it for say 3 seconds, it eventually comes back "on".

Using keyboard testing software, the on/off time ranges from 20-80ms, and the time it takes to come back on while holding it down ranges from 3-7 seconds.

Any ideas? I have tried reinstalling keyboard and touchpad drivers and the complete PCI bus. I have check "filter keys", "toggle keys", and "sticky keys" and they all seem to be off.

Computer: Win XP Pro, Dell E1505, 2G, Intel core2duo 1.6, and various other hardware ammendments.

Best, D

problem solved... the shift key was indeed bad.

I downloaded keyborad test software and what was happening, is the shift key was registering with every push, but would do a fast "on-off" thing even if it was pressed and held. Dell sent a new keyboard and it works perfectly.